If the Lord is Calling, You Cannot Say ‘No’

Mark Volkers at Dordt College led a workshop in our area about making documentary films. I decided to join in so I could tell our story about our call to Bahrain. We all showed our short films at the Orange Rind Film Festival.

Here is mine:

4 thoughts on “If the Lord is Calling, You Cannot Say ‘No’

  1. I just watched your video – what a message you and Keith received, eh? Great video to explain it all!!

  2. Keith & Denise~So good to watch this video and to know a bit of the background regarding your call and your decision to go to Bahrain! Thanks for this and for your note received earlier this week! We were very glad to hv the chance to see you before you leave on this God-venture! We’ll enjoy following your blog posts:)
    Blessings & prayers,
    Ginger & Jim

    • Ginger and Jim,
      It was so good to see you. We have deeply appreciated your friendship through the years. We look forward to continued communications.

      Keith and Denise