Arizona the Beautiful

We love Arizona. We lived here for ten years from 1994-2004. Our daughters grew up here, and we all have good friends here. We have enjoyed this beautiful week to connect with three churches, including our church home while we lived here.

Churches continue to inspire and bless us with their uplifting prayers, good wishes, and financial support. We couldn’t be doing it without them. Many thanks to our Arizona brothers and sisters.

Keith, Maria, Katie and I were together for two meals in Arizona. We celebrated Thanksgiving at In-N-Out Burgers and Z-Tejas, as we weren’t together for Thanksgiving this year.


2 thoughts on “Arizona the Beautiful

  1. Hi Denise,

    Where in Arizona did you all visit? I remember that you lived here once upon a time, but can’t recall exactly where. We spent Thanksgiving at home as I was under the weather. I’m still recovering a bit (sinus infections always take a loooooong time to bounce back from). If you are in Arizona still, I’d love to try to coordinate a way to meet you in person!

    Kind regards,