Krebs Timeline

Katie is finishing up a graphic design class in college this semester. She made a Krebs family timeline for a  final project.


I thought it was beautiful. She said I could share it on our blog.

The various trees in her graphic are palms in California, where Keith and I grew up and were married; a ginkgo from our house in Michigan, which we took an annual Father’s Day photo in front of; an orange tree from our house in Glendale, Arizona;  a corn stalk from our backyard in Iowa; and now a new palm representing Bahrain.

At this time of transition, we poignantly think about all the places we’ve lived, all the roots we have put down over the years. The trees Katie chose are a beautiful reminder of these special places.

We are not a giant oak of a family with roots in the same community for generations. We have been a family that has uprooted itself several times. While it’s not always been easy, we can all look back and see that we have grown as a result. We have lifelong friends in each place. In addition, we have left a part of ourselves in each home.  Now, we are saying goodbye and moving once again.

We hope to take our next  family photo very soon in Bahrain.

Keith and Denise 1988

Father's Day Ginkgo Tree


Krebs family circa 1995

Maria and Katie with their cousins

Maria and Katie with their cousins


4 thoughts on “Krebs Timeline

  1. I love this family. I love the way their Mother is thirsty for all things new and approaches life with such a wide open window to allow Jesus to show her Himself in many different forms-

  2. Denise,
    What an exciting adventure for your family!! I hope you are going to blog about it, so we can be a part of it as well. I’m sure Spalding is going to miss you. How long will you stay? Will you find a teaching job? Remember: you matter!!

    I’m sorry that I never had the pleasure or honor to meet you in person, but from our interactions last year, I know that you are a special person who will shine wherever you are. Best wishes and Merry Christmas.