Initial Observations

Denise and I have been in Bahrain for 3 weeks as I write this. So here are my initial observations as we begin our ministry here:

  • Bahrain is a nation of many nations.  In my first 4 days here I personally met individuals from 18 different nations.
  • The American Mission Hospital is deeply respected by the people and the leaders of Bahrain as a place of healing and hope.
  • We have experienced warm and genuine hospitality from everyone we have met.
  • We experienced a warm thank you and send-off for Chaplain Appu and Lali Varghese for their 12 years of faithful service at the American Mission Hospital.
  • There is a spiritual vitality in this place.  The worship at the English Language Congregation is beautiful and inspiring.  There is a commitment and a heart to love the people of Bahrain with the love of Jesus.
  • The food is delicious, and we are invited to many homes where we are experiencing hospitality and amazing meals.
  • It has been a challenge to get to know and remember the names of a large number of hospital staff members, congregants, and teachers and students.


Chaplain Keith