Initial Observations

Denise and I have been in Bahrain for 3 weeks as I write this. So here are my initial observations as we begin our ministry here:

  • Bahrain is a nation of many nations.  In my first 4 days here I personally met individuals from 18 different nations.
  • The American Mission Hospital is deeply respected by the people and the leaders of Bahrain as a place of healing and hope.
  • We have experienced warm and genuine hospitality from everyone we have met.
  • We experienced a warm thank you and send-off for Chaplain Appu and Lali Varghese for their 12 years of faithful service at the American Mission Hospital.
  • There is a spiritual vitality in this place.  The worship at the English Language Congregation is beautiful and inspiring.  There is a commitment and a heart to love the people of Bahrain with the love of Jesus.
  • The food is delicious, and we are invited to many homes where we are experiencing hospitality and amazing meals.
  • It has been a challenge to get to know and remember the names of a large number of hospital staff members, congregants, and teachers and students.


Chaplain Keith

8 thoughts on “Initial Observations

  1. Very interesting, Keith! What a wonderful opportunity for you and Denise to experience a culture so radically different than anywhere you’ve lived in your previous fifty-something years! Enjoy and may you continue to be blessed, as I know you are a blessing to the many new people you meet! (Good luck with those names!)
    Smiles & blessings,
    Ginger (and Jim)

    • Jim and Ginger:

      Thanks for sharing in our adventures here in Bahrain!



  2. So glad you are off to such a positive start. What a rich experience to meet and work and worship with people from so many nations. Our prayers are with you both in these initial days of learning the ropes and adapting.

    • Kathy:

      Thanks for sharing in our lives here! We hope you will come and visit us!


  3. Hi Krebs! So thankful we can keep up with you in this way! We miss you are are praying for you!

  4. Wonderful reflection — so positive and hopeful. This is a tribute to your new place and purpose. Thanks for the updates.

  5. Krebulators,

    I am so excited you two didn’t second guess the Holy Spirit and went for it! The photo of someone’s arm with a needle in it??? You? I can see it isn’t Ditz (hairly armed) Are you alright?
    Great way to spend your last chapter on this side of Eden! Ya-Hoo!
    Love to you both, C