The Power of Place

AMH at dusk
The American Mission Hospital has a track record. For over one hundred ten years it has provided excellent health care with compassion and understanding. That history gives this place a power of location. People know how to find AMH, and they know what they will find when they come here for care.

American Mission Hospital is located in the heart of the busy capital of Manama, Bahrain. It is very interesting that the address of the American Mission Hospital is:

PO Box 1,

Isa Al Kabeer Avenue,

Block 307, Manama

The Kingdom of Bahrain

It is an interesting historic fact that the American Mission Hospital has the unique distinction of carrying the PO Box 1 address, so any mail in anybody’s name with PO Box 1, The Kingdom of Bahrain, will get here. In addition, any mail with just the name  ‘American Mission Hospital’ on the envelope will also be delivered here.

We are easy to find.  We have been around a long time.  People know where we are and why we are here.

The hospital is on Isa Al Kabeer Avenue. Sheikh Isa was the late King, and the hospital is on the road named after him.  “Isa” is “Jesus” in Arabic and “Al Kabeer”  means “great.”

Isa Al Kabeer

It is a beautiful coincidence that the American Mission Hospital stands on ‘Jesus the Great’ Avenue here in Manama.  Read the words of the mission statement of this beautiful place:

“We are here to serve the people in Bahrain in the Spirit of Christ who went about doing good to all who came to him.”

It does matter where you are located in space, time, and spirit.

14 thoughts on “The Power of Place

  1. So powerfully and beautifully written Keith.
    The content of your blog mirrors the love in your heart.
    I would add that you are as well in the right place at the right time Cheryl

    • Cheryl, thanks for your reply! This truly is the right place and the right timing for us to be here.

  2. What a cool post. It is neat how you describe the place. Keep up the great work and a hug to Denise.

    • Laurel, thank you! Please know that you are in our prayers. I will greet Denise for you.

  3. Thanks for the update… so if someone would send you a care package we would use that address correct? Thank you for serving and pray for you everyday.

    • Susan, thanks for reading our blog. We can receive care packages at this address. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the update, Keith. I like that – “space, time, and spirit” – without spirit, the space and time are irrelevant, in my opinion. Thank you for reminding me of that!

    • Kris, you are welcome. It is amazing how God works where we are at the present moment. Grace and Peace, Keith

  5. It was great reading your blog and catching up with you….. This is the first time I found the blog. Blessings to you! We miss you, especially now since everyone in the neighborhood is “coming out of hibernation” and reconnecting.

  6. We appreciate Denise posting FB photos and the blogs to help us stay in touch. That is a meaningful connection between the location of the hospital and the street it is on…place does have power. Blessings to you both from the Gabels.

    • Kathy, Brad, Heather, and Jacob, thanks for keeping in touch! It means a lot to us. Blessings, Keith and Denise