Hope in God

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This week I’ve had to preach to myself, like the Psalmist did in Psalm 42. He complained about being down-in-the-dumps, and then he answered himself, all in the same verse, with hope-in-God talk.
Psalm 42-5

I’ve been discouraged because I’ve been busy with so many things, none of which seemed to matter. I went to the Bible and searched for HOPE.

First a reminder, hope in God is not just wishful thinking, making a wish on birthday candles or the first star you see at night. It’s not the kind of hope someone might have when he crosses his fingers.


It’s so much more than that. It is the kind of hope that William Carey had. “Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God,” he said.

It doesn’t matter that I am not doing great things right now. Perhaps, I have lacked hope that God is doing great things around me, perhaps even through me and in spite of me.

William Carey noticed God’s great achievements. He dared to attempt great things. God is still doing great things through William Carey who, among other things, translated the Bible into several different languages, Bibles which are being read all over the world two centuries later.

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I found so many other encouraging verses about hope in the Bible. Here are a couple favorites:


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Am I expecting great things from God in my ministries?

(Yes, but, Lord, help my unbelief!)

How about you?

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