Circles Without Borders

The mission of the American Mission Hospital is: “We are here to serve the people in Bahrain in the Spirit of Christ who went about doing good to all who came to him.” Compassion is one of the ways the Spirit of Christ is shown to those who come for medical care.

One of the ways compassion is shared is through the Chaplain’s Fund that provides assistance to those who cannot afford medical care. It is a great joy to see the relief on a patient’s face when they discover there is help available.

Dr. Mary, one of our anesthesiologists, had a vision for how to raise funds for the Chaplain’s Fund. She is a craft project lover and she saw a woman wearing a pair of earrings made from discarded IV bottle pull rings. She asked how they were made. Earlier this year she gathered volunteers from the staff at AMH to begin to make the earrings.

Dr. Mary is a firm believer in recycling, innovation, and using the talents of people. All these values were incorporated into what is now called, “Circles without Borders.”

The first step in making the earrings is to gather ring-pull tabs from IV bottles.

Pulling the tab

Then trim the extra plastic off the ring so they are ready for the next step.

Pull tabs with rings

Next, nylon thread is crocheted around the plastic rings.

Circles sewing

Almost finished…

Almost finished

The nylon strings are trimmed off and melted to prevent unraveling, and then earring wires are attached.

Finally, you have a beautiful earring!

Finished Earing

Here’s Dr. Mary with the finished products.

Dr. Mary with a box full of completed earrings

The earrings are sold at AMH events and to staff at the hospital. Chaplain Keith has also distributed them at churches in the United States. Many people have the opportunity to share in the Spirit of Christ who reaches out to people with compassion and healing. This is a project “without borders.”

10 thoughts on “Circles Without Borders

  1. Wonderful blog post, Keith and Denise! The photos, with the explanation, make it so clear. This is really a project with “no borders” and “no endings” – just a continuous circle of caring!

    • Kris,
      Thanks so much for coming by. I love what you said. I am so impressed that they’ve only been doing it for a few months. They are hoping people will design other kinds of jewelry to add to the project.

      Thanks again,

  2. I am Suja’s Sister-in-law and as a family, we have seen her passion and dedication to recycling and making something beautiful out of the most ordinary items. We are proud of her ability to do so!

    A great way of contributing in whatever way you can to the world and people.

    • Suhasini,
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. What a joy to hear from a family member of Suja, or Dr. Mary! She is a shining light here at AMH. I’m sure you are proud of her.

      Blessings to you,