A Quick Story on Technology and Learning Arabic


So, I have this nifty new smart phone, my first one ever. A friend recently told me about an app to learn how to read and write the Arabic alphabet (TenguGo Arabic), so I added it to my phone and started taking lessons.

I took notes on a Post-it to keep straight all the unfamiliar features of the language (and to help me on the quizzes). Then, I kept the sticky note stuck on the front of my phone for over a day, so I could keep the info handy.

I woke up in the morning and laughed about my low tech notes. I realized I had an app for that, so I moved the info from my sticky note to Keep.

Keep Note

Ah, yes, isn’t that slick?

But, then I turned my Post-it note over and realized I had another problem.

Arabic Notes

Oops! I don’t know how to write Arabic letters on a Keep note. YET!


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