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Keith and Denise

As our pastor Harold Korver told us at our wedding, “Love is looking together in the same direction.” We took it to heart, and we have been following God for  thirty years to some great ministry experiences in California, Arizona, Iowa and Michigan. Now we find ourselves holding on tightly while we look together in the same direction “across the water” to Bahrain.

Keith’s life verse is Genesis 48:16: “The God before whom my ancestors Abraham and Isaac walked, the God who has been my shepherd all my life to this day…”

We are listening to our good shepherd, willing to follow him anywhere.

We’ll tell you about it here.

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  1. Hello from another resident of Iowa. I’ve been meaning to ‘write’ sooner and send some things, but I am not sure how or where. I have a couple pictures and a recipe that I owe you. What’s the best way to send those?

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