South Dakota Strong

Our posts have not been coming regularly this past month. We’ve been busy visiting churches in South Dakota, Iowa, and Arizona. Here are a few photos and thoughts from our trip to South Dakota.

One of  the blessings of slightly populated rural South Dakota is that Christians work ecumenically. For instance, in one of the towns, all the churches had the same youth group–Methodist, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, and RCA. When they go to high school, they can invite their friends to the one and only youth group. I thought it seemed kind of like heaven will be.

In another small town, the RCA and CRC churches have come together to worship and work. They are known collectively as The Church in Harrison, but they still use the two buildings–North and South. We arrived 40 minutes before worship was to begin at the deserted South church. We waited about ten minutes, when someone providentially arrived to pick up some music. She informed us that worship was at the North church this morning. Ooops!

We went to the wrong church. Thankfully someone stopped by and told us.

It was quiet at the wrong church. 


Beautiful organ in the North church in Harrison.


A bountiful harvest in Platte.


Platte First Reformed Church


We have grown to love rural America.