Guardian Angels: A Heavenly Conversation

God will put his angels in charge of you
to protect you wherever you go.
They will hold you up with their hands
to keep you from hurting your feet on the stones.
You will trample down lions and snakes,
fierce lions and poisonous snakes.
Psalm 91:11-13

Denise’s Guardian Angel: Whoa, that was a close one! Did you see the size of that hole I just helped her avoid? She puts on a lot of kilometers walking around here and seems to find more than her share of sidewalk holes, loose bricks, and uneven pavement.

Keith’s Guardian Angel:  How about this guy? I’m really getting worn out with Keith. I wonder if Peter made the right assignment for me? I mean keeping Keith safe while driving in Bahrain! This is exhausting. I can’t take my eyes off him for a millisecond. Did you see that? He just drove through the round-about, crossed two lanes of traffic and almost got T-boned by a Toyota SUV. In addition to stopping the SUV, I had to push three pedestrians and a bicyclist out of the way to save them too. He just can’t keep track of so much traffic. How long can I keep going with this gig?

DGA: Well, I guess I should be thankful she’s not driving.

KGA: Yet! I heard talk about them going to get her a driver’s license.

DGA: God, help us all!

KGA: And another driving issue I hope he learns. Keith doesn’t understand how to use his car horn here. People honk their horns for all kinds of reasons–mostly friendly. “Beep, Beep, I’m coming around the corner. Do you see me?” Or “Beep, Beep, come on into my lane, but hurry.”

Keith had a throat infection and needed an IV for dehydration. He was at urgent care, not an in-patient. All in a day’s work.

When someone cuts him off, he honks like an American. Angry. His honking just invites others to  pull into his lane too. He’s hopeless. I’d rather get a more relaxing stint, like protecting a high rise window washer or a Formula 1 race car driver. At least they know what they’re doing!

DGA: That sounds like a great idea. Window washers and race car drivers don’t encounter nearly as many viruses as Denise is finding. Between the new bugs she’s never met before and the kindergarteners helping to spread them, she’s met 32 new viruses. I’ve managed to help her trim that down to only three colds so far.

KGA: She’s also managed to share those viruses with Keith on occasion. At least they are in good hands at the American Mission Hospital. That makes our work easier, doesn’t it?

DGA: Yes, you’re right, but, hey, we better quit talking and pay attention to those lions and snakes up ahead!

This picture was taken after their first solo driving trip. THEY MADE IT! That was a milestone!

Breakfast in the Souq

Breakfast with Gary BrownThis morning I had breakfast with Gary Brown in the Souq Bab Al Bahrain at Naseef’s, located in the heart of old Manama, the capital of Bahrain. Gary taught and was the principal at Al Raja school for 32 years. He speaks Arabic fluently. As I listened to him order breakfast in Arabic and greeting and talking to people in the shops in Arabic I now have this deep desire to learn how to speak Arabic too.